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Millions of people in the world and in Turkey live in sub-standard housing and without access to basic amenities such as heating and lighting. Enterprises like Limak clearly have an essential responsibility in helping more people to have access to basic needs and we also have a responsibility in ensuring these can be provided in a sustainable and humane way. One of our main efforts is trying to maximize our positive impact on the environment, economy, and society.DETAILS
The total operational capacity of the plant is 1156 MW and as a result of the investments Limak Energy is planing to transform Hamitabat into the most efficient power plant of Turkey. The electricity generation licence granted by EMRA for the project, which is planned to be set into operation in 2017, is valid for 49 years; however, the economical term of the project is considered as 30 years in line with the 30 year period accepted for the benefit-cost analyses of the project. DETAILS